I knew, I was dreaming. But there was nothing I could do about it. Nevertheless, my imagination moved on and my lovely girl appeared out of a black cloud. She just stood there, slightly bowing her head, her hair covering a faceless shape. She held her face in her hands. I wanted to make a step towards her. But I couldn't move. So, I just waited.
After a short moment, a white towel sank from above next to her. But it didn’t fell completely to the ground, no. It slowly wrapped itself around her wrist while the other end disappeared somewhere above in the darkness. When it started to rise again, it lifted her hand up. And then the same thing happened to her other hand with another white blanket. So she stand in front of me, dressed in a harlequin outfit. When she lifted her head up again, her face appeared where just a moment ago just had been a faceless shape.
She started to dance slowly, her movements where elegant and sensual, but restrained by the blankets wrapped around her wrists. It started to arouse me, watching her move, remembering the feeling of her body, the sounds she made. I felt my breath getting faster. Memories of things we did in the past flashed before my inner eye, mixing with things we never did but I fantasized about and things I had done with other women, but I wanted to do with her.
My lust rose with every move of her body, hidden under her harlequin dress. And just before I reached the climax, I felt a shake and woke up.
She was lying next to me and looking at me in the darkness of our sleeping room.
“Are you okay, babe”, she asked with concern in her voice, “You were breathing heavily. Did you have a nightmare?” I took a deep breath and turned around to her. Even though it was dark, I smiled and shook my head.
“No, on the contrary, my dear” and then I told her, what I had dreamed.
Our next stream was a variation of that dream.  

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