After my experiences with the Asian girl a few months ago I started to check out various forms of casual online dating. The pandemic was still raging in Europe and I stopped counting which wave of new infections was swapping over Paris. So, I decided to order a proper webcam – for a ridiculous high price because all of Europe suddenly needed a new webcam for staying in contact with the family or for the children’s home schooling – and eventually settled for a page that offered among other things amateur livestreams.
The first few days I spent by watching various livestreams, mostly women and couples. Countless male users offered videos of themselves enjoying their own hands. But those videos were mostly shot in a strange and not favourable angle, often on a desk or on a bed with bad lightning and a fat belly throwing a big shadow on their small friend. 99% of those videos – or the thumbnails of the streams – were just pathetic. And obviously, I wasn’t the only one thinking that way. The streams of those splendid specimen had rarely more than 2 or 3 viewers.
The beforementioned women or couples were no professional streamers, but they put a little more effort into their shows. Meaning, they used a proper webcam or their smartphone, tried to use a soft light and arrange a decent background. So, they easily reached 500 and more viewers.
Some of those users seem to have more experiences because they knew how to move their bodies, so they looked intriguing and sensual. Even some good-looking solo women streamed their nocturnal pleasures. After a few days, I started to take a liking to a specific short haired blonde girl with colourful tattoos. Mostly, she was online early in the evening and streamed for one up to three hours. Very often, she talked about things she encountered in her daily life or thoughts she had.
I was intrigued. Not only was she beautiful with her slim figurine and endlessly long legs, but she also had a keen mind, a sharp, sassy tongue. Her stories and thoughts gave insight to an intelligence I’m sure was overseen by 99% of her viewers. This percentage just delighted their eyes with her small breasts and her arousing moaning when she touched herself. While I was just dying to get a taste of her lips when she bit them softly and her lipstick was shining.
Sometimes, I responded to her thoughts via the streams chat function and usually, she replied to my words. Nevertheless, I was surprised when I got a private message from her. She thanked me for my not sexual responds, she found it refreshing that not every guy following her streams was thinking with his little friend.
It was the start of long messages forth and back. We both tried to answer as soon as possible and when she even missed her usual streaming time and came online an hour late, she thanked me anonymously in her stream and dedicated her physical highlight to me. Later that night she invited me to join her stream via webcam and it was the first time, we shared something sexually. Firing up each other’s lust until we both couldn’t hold it in any longer.
Her next message after her stream was quite short: She asked if I was interested in a private videocall.
I was.

After she saw how I enjoyed her show, she wanted to see my face and talk to me. So, after we both took a short break from our laptops and our arousing virtual interaction we started to talk. And we talked until the sun went up the next day. 
It was the start of a romance that would last a couple of months. One of the longest casual relationships I had since Rosie left. At first it was just virtual: We had hour long videocalls, that were not only made up of webcam sex, but we started to talk about personal things as well. And the latter was the basis for our first meeting.
We met on neutral ground; a park nearby in the quartier D’Auteuil. Since all restaurants and bars were still closed, we didn’t have other options. Our plan was to go for a walk and talk. But it didn’t take us long to realise we had the same attraction as we had during our virtual conversations, even more in reality. And so, after maybe half an hour we ended up in my house and had pleasures you don’t need a webcam for.
During the first fortnight of our fling, we just engaged in lustful pleasures and long talks. Sometimes, I had to think of the student I had dated last October. We too had long talks, but those were more philosophical and not on the same private level as with my new acquaintance. Out topics were of a personal nature I would have never imagined possible. We talked about emotional important moments in our lives. About character defined experiences we had. About happy memories, even about heartbreak. She was the first person I ever talked to about Rosie. She didn’t judge me for leaving my old life behind to go to Paris with her. Instead, she smiled and stated that we wouldn’t have met otherwise.
It felt good. To talk to someone. To talk about thoughts and feelings I had thought and processed for so long, alone. The only one I talked to was my stray cat.
It had a cathartic effect on me, open up to someone again. And in that moment, a little voice in my head noted that I never had reached such an intimate level with Rosie.

The next step in our time together came one evening after we had dinner and sat on my doorstep watching the stars, the empty plates next to me on the stairs. She was leaning on my shoulder, the cat on her lap.
“I haven’t done a stream in over two weeks.”
“Do you miss it?”
“Kinda. Especially with you.”
“But now you have me for real.”
“What if I tell you, I want both?” I looked down to her. She smiled at me, challenging.
“Let’s find out!”
So, we went back inside, and I joined her in her live stream.

To be continued…

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