She was married. For a long time now. It was boring, but stable. Safe. So we had an agreement. We met. We had sex. That’s all. She just wanted to know my name. Nothing else.
After the student and all those endless conversations that I perceived as intellectual appealing, this meaningless small talk was strange. But I decided to try it. I just wanted to feel her body, after all.

It was something I couldn’t comprehend: She was in a relationship with a man that she promised to love for the rest of her life. But how could this tingling sensation between lovers fade? How could you lose it? Is it possible to love someone without physical desire?
Sure, I heard of it. But I haven’t experienced it myself. So I couldn’t understand why someone would stay in a relationship even if all the love, the excitement was gone. 

Once, I asked her about. How she handled it - being in a relationship and sleeping with another man. She refused to answer. I didn't ask again. But from that point on I got bored.

There was nothing in it for me anymore. Since Rosie left, I had met several women. I was not interested in bonding with them. My intention was to spend time with someone who was worth my time and appreciate my company – not to hurt someone else.

And suddenly she disappeared. Her number was cancelled. She didn’t show up for out date. I never heard from her again. Never saw her again. All that was left were a name and a bitter aftertaste…

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